In early 2017, I started contributing as photographer at Copenhagen's local newspaper called Havnefronten. The assignments include portraits for an interview, photos accompanying restaurant review, and photos of urban development issues. The following list is a chronological updated account of my assignments.


Restaurant Amalfi

In every issue of Havnefronten, there is a section on the up and coming restaurant in the city. In a busy Gråbrøder Torv square, where office workers and tourists are mingling, Chef Tony decided to bring the Italian cuisine to Copenhagen's food scene by opening Restaurant Amalfi ten years ago. I captured the atmosphere of the restaurant and the delicious dishes in this assignment.

The article was published as a full spread in the July 7th issue. The link for the newspaper will open in a new window.

Søren Krogh Jakobsen

Professional real estate consultant Søren Krogh Jakobsen from Plandesign has given valuable insights to both property buyers and sellers into how an investment in redecorating an apartment could significantly increase the value of the property, especially in a highly competitive market such as Copenhagen.

The article was published in the July 13th issue.

Lova Zeniia Holm

Danish artist Lova just released her first single "Delusion" with :Labelmade: Records. I got the chance to take her portraits for the article. The shots were from Teglholmen harbour.

Her story was published in the June 29th issue.

Cykelslangen - Bryggebroen

The area in between the two bridges of Cykelslangen (for bicyclists) and Bryggebroen is rather dark, due to the lack of street lamps. This would pose a considerable risk for pedestrians, who might not be able to see the oncoming bicycles. I was assigned to take photos that clearly illustrate the situation.

The story was first published in the April 6th issue and later a follow up story in the June 15th issue.

Finn Rudaizky

Havnefronten runs a story on local politician Finn Rudaizky from Dansk Folkeparti. The portraits were taken around Christianshavn nearby his residence.

The story was published in February 23rd and June 29th, 2017 issues.

Interview with Jakob Knudsen

Jakob is the entrepreneur behind Hjælp Ukraine non-profit organisation with the aim at humanitarian assistance for people both children and their parents, who are affected by war in Ukraine.

The story was published in the January 12th, 2017 issue. You can read the story here (in Danish).